Artemisia Liquori e Dolci

“Labor makes us artisans”

Artemisia was founded in 1998 and is an amazing story of two brothers, Cesare and Franco Farroni, united in their enthusiasm and passion partnered with respect for the L’Aquila Mountain, its fragrances and the values instilled since boyhood by their father, Vincenzo.

There are macarons and...


Our macarons are available in a variety of colors and flavors: Pistachio, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate and are all made of almonds harvested strictly from Italian almond trees.

You may choose between two packaging options: a sturdy cardboard box or a sophisticated wooden case.

Biscuits to perfection

The name ferratelle comes from the iron plate we use for their craftsmanship respecting the ancient traditions of Abruzzo

Tender or crumbly

It is always a pleasure

Our nougats may have different textures, but the enjoyment and quality of the raw materials used are the same, all selected from the best Italian makers. We use the original recipe of L’Aquila nougat, handed down over time and strictly made with Italian honey.

In the delicate & creamy chocolate nougat is 27% made whit fresh Viterbo hazelnuts while in the brittle & crumbly nougat is 42% made whit almonds strictly harvested from Italian almond trees.

The ingredients

Viterbo hazelnuts

The Roman round hazelnut is tipically compact and crisp, with fine and persistent taste.

The ingredients

Zafferano dell’Aquila D.O.P.

Produced exclusively in L’Aquila, our saffron is characterized by its high aromatic and coloring power.

Artemisia Liquori e Dolci

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Artemisia Liquori

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We have been on the hillside of Aquila for countless generations, at
700 meters altitude with a dry climate and significant temperature
ranges due to the towering mountain chain…

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